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The property climate in Malaysia reaches unprecedented new heights each year, as the supply and demand of residential and commercial real estate become increasingly robust. This phenomenon is not restricted to the capital city and the Greater Kuala Lumpur region, but has also permeated to the northern and southern regions of Peninsular Malaysia, as well as selected clusters within East Malaysia in Sabah and Sarawak. Simply put, the property market is booming and this presents a golden opportunity for potential investors.

The diversity of options available provides something for every requirement and budget. Luxury villas and high-end high-rises within upmarket neighbourhoods in central Kuala Lumpur and its vicinity remain a favourite among the affluent, spurring the entry of numerous premium developments in recent years. Yet, this represents just the tip of the iceberg of the entire property market, which is largely dominated by mid-to-high range properties to cater to the growing demands of the nation.

Within the Klang Valley, the multi-billion ringgit Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project has placed the limelight on numerous zones along its route. It has explicitly become a catalyst of growth for previously untapped areas, where properties are sought-after for their connectivity and easy accessibility. The city’s urban redevelopment initiatives have also injected a new lease of life in various areas, with Kuala Lumpur Sentral being an exemplary model, while other targeted areas are primed to follow suit in the near future.

In recent years, investors have acquired an affinity for townships and properties in suburban areas. This comes as no surprise as these well-planned developments offer a plethora of features ideal for holistic living, including spacious living spaces, natural environment and comprehensive facilities.

While there is no doubt that location plays a vital role in determining the investment potential of a property, selecting the right kind of property involves the consideration of myriad factors. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned investor, the takes you through your hunt for the right property, no matter to reside, rent or sell.

From Penang in the north or the new icon of Iskandar Malaysia in the south to the vibrant and dynamic capital of Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malaysia is one of Asia’s top property investment destinations with something for everyone regardless of aspiration, lifestyle and budget.

Growing demands and rapid urbanisation, the RM20billion Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project, the high-speed rail link connecting Malaysia and Singapore coupled with urban renewal initiatives in the 495-acre Bandar Malaysia and the Tun Razak Exchange (KL’s new financial district) – these are just some of the exciting developments coming your way in 2015 and beyond.

With Malaysia occupying a sweet spot in terms of strategic location, pricing and socio-economic development, the country stands out as the best proposition for investors in the region. Factor in Malaysia’s traditional plus-points such as great weather, food and people, as well as shopping, economic and social stability, the story becomes more apparent why you should make Malaysia your property hotspot, your haven and your home.

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