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IN RECENT YEARS, Penang has welcomed numerous developments that continue to fuel its transformation into one of the most vibrant states in the country. The latest addition and virtually the most exciting yet, is Bandar Cassia in Batu Kawan. a meticulously planned satellite city by the Penang State Government.

Earmarked and envisioned by the State as the next integrated township, Bandar Cassia has been well positioned to welcome the spillage of saturated developments in Penang Island which of late saw limitations in the form of scarce development and industrial lands as well as strained roads and infrastructures due to an ever booming population.

With the opening of the Penang Second Bridge in early 2014, Bandar Cassia is now poised to be the next northern region’s key urban establishment area with flourishing industrial, residential and commercial components.

Aspen Vision City, set within the heart of Bandar Cassia, is set to become the most coveted address of tomorrow. This catalyst integrated central business district spanning across 245 acres is jointly developed by Aspen Group and Ikano Pte Ltd.

This commercial belt is set to undergo rapid growth and development, supported by comprehensive infrastructure, proper planning, accessibility, upcoming amenities and most importantly, its strategic location will lead to growing demand for more residential properties in the near future.

Aspen Vision City’s prime location in close proximity to Penang Island and numerous townships on the mainland is one of the key attractions for local and foreign investors as it provides great connectivity and accessibility to various amenities. It takes only a 15 minutes’ drive to Penang Island and 30 minutes to Penang International Airport, the seaports and railway terminal in Butterworth.

This development includes a state-of-the-art shopping complex to be managed by Ikano Pte Ltd and the highly anticipated first IKEA outlet in the northern region. The shopping centre will serve as a one- stop destination with the best of dining, shopping and entertainment anchored by the IKEA store – all under one roof. It will also offer spectacular views of the sea, city skyline and the Penang Second Bridge.

Within Aspen Vision City is a 25-acre central island park that anchors the overall development, providing the coveted green lung and focal venue of leisure and recreational activities for the myriad residential and commercial components along its periphery.

Aspen Vision City has been comprehensively crafted to ride on the current developments in Bandar Cassia which has seen residential and industrial developments mushrooming enthusiastically albeit the absence of a much needed commercial centre.

The existing and upcoming developments in Bandar Cassia include 11,800 units of residential developments by Penang Development Corporation, a 831-acre Batu Kawan Industrial Park that houses Boon Siew Honda Factory, Bose System Malaysia and Ibiden Advanced Package, amongst others. Also included are the Penang Designer Village, an international golf course and theme park, KDU College, University of Hull, Penang International Technology Park and Business Process Outsourcing Prime by Temasek Holdings (Private) Ltd and Economic Development Innovasions Singapore Pte Ltd. All these developments will generate more than ample traffic and patrons to this exciting business district. To further facilitate this objective, Aspen Vision City will also incorporate a major transportation hub with strategic linkages to most part of Bandar Cassia and beyond.

The first phase of Aspen Vision City will focus on commercial properties to create a solid foundation for business, transportation, education and industrial hub to support the mixed-use development of its subsequent phases. Aspen Vision City is primed to serve the entire population of Penang Island and mainland as well as the neighbouring states. Aspen Vision City will bode well for the rapid population growth in the northern region as it tranforms into a metropolis.

With an estimated overall gross development value of RM8billion, the first phase is projected to commence in 2015. There is no doubt that Aspen Vision City will deliver a positive impact and serve as a catalyst for growth, not only in Penang but also for the entire northern region until its total completion in 2025.

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Aspen Vision City


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