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Property Entrepreneurship

Property entrepreneurship The colour of a cat is not important, as long as the cat knows how to catch a rat. Similarly, the colour of our skin is not important as long as we know how to make money and survive in this world. What kind of animal characteristic resemble you? If your characteristic resembles

Sure Way Making Money Property Investment

Sure Way Of Making Money From Your Property Investment There is a sure way in making money from property investment. Hard work alone is not the answer. There are many poor hard working people. Intelligence alone is also not the answer. There are also many poor but highly educated and intelligent people around. In any

Pitfalls In Property Investment

Prevention is better than cure We have seen in the earlier all the advantages as well as the optimistic side of property investment. In this chapter we shall adopt a more realistic approach. Optimists see a cup as half full, pessimists sees a cup as half empty. The opportunist drinks the water happily while the

How you can protect and manage your properties effectively

How you can protect and manage your properties effectively Properties can be protected with insurance coverage, personal financial reserves for emergency needs and regular maintenance. 1. Insurance Coverage If the property is your own home, it is advisable to have a fire insurance policy. You may also want to consider having a mortgage reducing term

Where you can find money for your property investment

Where you can find money for your property investment The common sources of financing are own savings and loans from banks, finance companies, insurance companies or the Government. Most residential properties can be financed by a bank up to 90% of the purchase price. The balance would normally come from your savings. Some can even

How You Can Leverage Your Property Portfolio

How You Can Leverage Your Property Portfolio Property can be leveraged by using bank loans and your EPF savings. For example, the property price is RM100,000. Downpayment would be 10% or RM10,000, the balance of RM90,000 can be financed by taking out a bank loan. A lot of residential properties in good locations can be

Understanding Property Investment Strategic

Understanding strategic property investment There is a lot of confusion between money and life. The purpose of money is to support the well being of your life. Your life is your time. How can we have both money and life? The key is to have passive income such as positive cash flow from property investment.

Finding The Properties In The Auction Market

Auction properties include every type of property namely can be from residential commercial and land. Auction property evolves from secondary market property. Secondary market property being auction or force sells by assignee / bank due to a delinquent owner. One should be familiar with the fundamentals of a property before going for auction. Auction properties

Residential Or Commercial Properties

Residential property consists of private houses for people to live in such as apartment, condominium, terrace, semi detached and bungalow. The preferred characteristics of residential property would be location in a safe and secure place which is quiet and peaceful, surrounded by a friendly neighborhood, in an area at close proximity to facilities such as

How To Identify The Right Investment-grade Property

How To Identify The Right Investment-grade Property Property have a unique characteristic when compared to other types of assets. Property is an immovable asset, unlike a car that can be moved or removed easily. In comparison, the price for the same type of car anywhere in the country is almost the same. The price for