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Overview Of The Malaysian Property Sector 2017

The average house prices in Malaysia has more than doubled since the turn of the millennium. In major urban centres, the prices have more than quadrupled in the past 1.5 decade. According to the Malaysian House Price Index, the positive growth has been consistent, averaging at 5.85% to date. However, as per any economic cycle,

Impact Of US Rate Hike On Property

After months of widespread speculation about the US interest rate, the Federal Reserve finally introduced a rate hike of 25 basis points in December, pushing interest rate to between 0.25% and 0.50% as 2015 draws to a close. This is the first interest rate hike since June 2006, ending almost a decade of monetary easing.

A Buyer Market & How It Effects You

What Has 2016 Planned for Us? 2015 was full of challenges for the real estate industry, but we have survived some of the biggest challenges thrown at us. As we usher in 2016, everybody is eager to know how the market will move in the New Year. Will it warm up or worsen? Will price

Summary Of Malaysian Real Estate Market 2015

Summing 2015 in 5 Keywords 2015 has been a painful year for not just the Malaysian real estate market, but the national economy as a whole. With oil at a six year low, the ringgit at a 17-year low, 1MDB scandal and the slowdown in China’s economy; the market found itself with too many uncertainties

The Effect of 3 Major Housing Acts On Malaysia Real Estate

The Effect of 3 Major Housing Acts On Malaysia Real Estate Market Changes in Crisis Much has been said on the grounds with regards to the issues Malaysia is facing on all fronts, as well as the hit in the global financial markets facing some of the world’s most important economies right now. Amongst the

Malaysia Trasnport Transformation

In 1995, Malaysia’s first electric train system was put Into service when the KIM Komuter begun operation. The LRT started serving the Kang Valley folks In 1998 while the Monorail was officially launched on August 31, 2003 In conjunction with Merdeka day. Slightly more than a decade later, the MRT system and the HSR systems

Will It Better Or Worse For Property Market In H2

Where Will the Market Swing? With a host of negative factors surrounding Malaysia’s real estate market in the first half of 2015, it is little surprise that its performance has been lacklustre. What has H2 2015 in store for Malaysia? According to a survey published by MIER (Malaysian Institute of Economic Research), the consumer sentiment

Houses Beyond The Reach Of Average Malaysians

Banks, the Root of the Problem? “Most Malaysians can’t afford to buy houses!” Indeed, this is a complaint that many we have grown very familiar with, especially over the past half a decade. After 3 to 4 years of property boom, 2014 saw signs of the fever abating as transaction volume started to decline, and

6 Tips Of Brilliant Real Estate Investment

1: Be aware of policy changes and tap into these changes. Like many inexperienced investors when he first begun, Lim learned the need to understand the policies the hard way. He made the mistake of not researching properly on the BLR policy and ended up with a huge debt burden, it was only after he

Malaysia Opportunities And Chanllenges

AEC Economic Bloc on the Rise A population of over 600 million spread over 4.46 million square kilometres and a total economic production of USD 2.5 trillion. Do these figures sound like that belonging to a major nation that have nothing to do with Malaysia? Think again as the figures above is the scale we